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Child Support Orders That Make Sense

Once custody is established, the matter of child support can be addressed. While this may seem straightforward on its face, there are many nuances that could have a bearing on the amount of support that you are seeking or ordered to pay, whether seeking an increase or a reduction. At Dersch Family Law, based in Vista, we understand the California child support system and what is relevant to take into account.

How Is Child Support Determined?

Child support in California is determined by a statutory formula among other things based on the income of both parents, the number of children to be supported and the amount of time you spend with your child. Generally, the more time a parent spends with his or her child, the less he or she will pay in child support.

We Look At The Big Picture

Child support often involves many nuanced and complex issues, such as determining the true income of the other parent. Because securing the appropriate amount of support can be complicated, many find it beneficial to work with an attorney. We can help ascertain the proper amount of support for your child or children considering the entirety of the circumstances you face.

Looking Out For Your Best Interest

At Dersch Family Law, we understand how important it is to establish an amount of child support fair to you. In helping to establish a child support order that makes sense, we make sure we get all facts relevant to your case. To learn how our lawyers can be of assistance to you in your child support matter, contact us online or call (760)-941-4420.