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Child Custody Arrangements That Benefit The Entire Family

Custody disputes can quickly turn into heated battles that take a toll on parents and children. At Dersch Family Law, we are aggressive litigators when we need to be. However, we know that custody disputes are often better handled through negotiation. When possible, we attempt to resolve custody issues outside of court, saving you time, money and stress. Our goal is to help you achieve the fairest result as fast as possible.

From our offices in Vista, California, our firm helps clients resolve their custody disputes and secure parenting plans that protect parent-child bonds and meet the best interests of minor children.

Protecting Your Parent-Child Relationship

California courts determine custody based on the best interests of the children. The best interests of a child is a broad consideration of the age of your child, the availability of a parent, the ability of parents to co-parent, any special needs of your child and many other considerations.

Custody is considered in two forms: legal custody and visitation or timeshare.

  • Legal Custody: Legal custody is the ability for a parent to have a say in the school of the child and medical attention a child receives, among others.
  • Visitation or Timeshare: Timeshare is the amount of physical time one parent receives with their child. Visitation is usually expressed as a percentage.

At Dersch Family Law, we know your relationship with your children is your No. 1 priority — it’s our priority too. When necessary, we pull in child and family experts, such as family psychiatrists, to assist in our clients’ cases. These experts not only make custody recommendations, but also help children and parents through emotional difficulties.

We are committed to getting you the parenting time you need to maintain strong relationships with your children. We work as quickly as possible because we know you cannot get back the time lost with your child.

Consider Mediation As A Solution

If you are looking for a way to resolve your custody dispute out of court, mediation may be a good fit. As a skilled mediator, Attorney has helped numerous families reach mutually beneficial custody arrangements.

Dedicated To You And Your Children

When you come to Dersch Family Law, you will have direct access to your lawyer. We take the time to meet with you and go over your case in detail. We are never too busy to answer your child custody questions or discuss your concerns. Call us today at (760)-941-4420 or complete our intake form.