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Making virtual visitation work when kids aren’t talkative

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Family Law

Virtual visitation is a great resource for parents whose children spend some of their time with them and some of their time staying with a co-parent. These arrangements can foster meaningful connections and help to ensure that both parents can remain actively present in their kids’ lives on a regular basis.

However, the actual “sitting down to talk” part can be challenging sometimes, especially when children aren’t naturally talkative. Thankfully, there are some strategies co-parents can use to make virtual visitation more engaging and enjoyable for their kids (and themselves!) on those days when conversation doesn’t come easily.

Plan interactive activities

If you are a co-parent who relies on virtual visitation to remain connected with your child while they’re with your ex, instead of focusing solely on conversation, consider planning activities that can be done together online. Virtual game nights, for example, can be a fun way to bond. Many online platforms offer games that families can play together, such as trivia, board games or interactive video games. Craft projects, such as drawing or building with LEGO, can also provide a shared fun focus without the need for constant dialogue.

Storytime sessions

Especially if you have younger kids, reading together can be a comforting and engaging activity. But even for older kids, reading a chapter book together and discussing the plot can keep them interested and provide a natural flow of conversation.

Additional ideas

Cooking a meal or baking together can be a great way to spend time. Plan a simple recipe that you can both follow and cook simultaneously in your respective kitchens. Or, perhaps you could take advantage of the fact that many museums, zoos and historical sites offer virtual tours. Choose a location that interests your child and explore it together online. You could also have a “watch party” or even do an exercise or yoga video simultaneously.

There is no “wrong” way to troubleshoot the challenges of virtual visitation if your child isn’t feeling talkative. The key is to focus on activities that foster interaction and shared experiences, making the time spent together enjoyable and meaningful.