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How same-sex marriage is already affecting divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2015 | Divorce

The U.S. Supreme Court recently made a landmark decision when they ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal in all states. All across the United States, same-sex couples have already gotten married or started to plan a wedding they didn’t think they would have.

Even though same-sex marriage was already legal in California, the recent ruling still affects couples in this state and those who have moved elsewhere. Perhaps most surprisingly to some people is the fact that the same-sex marriage ruling is allowing gay and lesbians to actually get divorced.

The recent ruling made dramatic changes in the 13 states where same-sex marriages were not recognized. In these states, the problem wasn’t just that gay and lesbian couples couldn’t get married; it was also the fact that a marriage legalized in another state didn’t have to be recognized in states with a same-sex marriage ban in place.

By shutting down these bans, the Supreme Court has made recognition of same-sex marriages uniform in all states. The importance of this change has already affected one couple in another state.

According to reports, the two women were married in Massachusetts back in 2009. Unfortunately, like many other marriages, the relationship didn’t last. While an opposite-sex couple would have been able to get a divorce and go through the legal steps of untangling their lives and assets, they could not because the two women live in Louisiana.

Because their marriage wasn’t legally recognized in Louisiana, there was no marriage to end in the eyes of the law. However, after the Supreme Court made their ruling, the two women were finally able to file for divorce.

Divorce marks the end of many marriages across the country. Gay, lesbian and straight relationships can all be vulnerable and people, goals and circumstances change over time. When that bond is pushed beyond its breaking point, couples may have no choice but to pursue a divorce. Now, thanks to the Supreme Court’s ruling, everyone will have the option of legally ending a relationship and moving toward a future that is hopefully happier and more satisfying.

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