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3 reasons to discuss changing a custody schedule

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2024 | Family Law

The purpose of a child custody schedule is to help ensure each parent is still involved in their child’s life and upbringing without their personal life conflicting with their parental obligations. A custody schedule is often developed during a divorce. However, a schedule may only work for so long.

Over time, many parents need to have their custody schedule altered to fit changes in their lives. Here are a few reasons to discuss changing a custody schedule:

A parent has developed a medical condition

A medical condition can make it harder for a parent to be there for their child. Instead of having a parent spend less time with their child because of a medical condition, a custody schedule could be altered. A parent may have virtual visits with their child temporarily, for example. 

A parent is moving 

Many parents have to move after a divorce to find better jobs or living situations. The distance between each parent may widen, making it harder for each parent to fulfill their obligations. Parents could alter a custody schedule to give each parent longer periods with their children so there is less traveling.

A parent’s job is asking for more time

Most people do not have control over when they must arrive at work. If a parent’s job is asking for them to come in earlier or stay later, it could disrupt a parent’s visitation time. This could be remedied with an altered custody schedule. 

By asking for legal help, parents can learn more about their child custody options.