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Timing and divorce mediation

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Family Law

Although many California couples whose marriages are ending face antagonistic divorce proceedings because of litigation, mediation may provide you with a more affordable solution that can reduce stress. A divorce creates serious changes for all members of a family, and having an unknown judge impose decisions may seem harsh and unfair. Mediation allows you and your spouse to provide financial information and goals through intake forms. Although you can opt out at any point if this method does not seem to be working well, it could streamline the proceedings while allowing you to avoid appearing in court.

There are two significant portions of a mediation divorce to address. Substantive issues include those involving your finances, property, custody and support. These issues could be worked out quickly, or they could take several months. In most cases, these are worked out before the other major element of the proceeding, marital status, is completed. It normally takes at least six months for your status to change from married to single.

Mediation is an option for those who want to complete a divorce without a lot of negativity. It also helps you and your spouse to achieve a level of cooperation and control during the process, which can set the stage for future interactions to be positive, especially if children are involved. The confidentiality of this process can also be a huge benefit as you complete your divorce and move on with your life. Costs tend to be much lower than those involved in litigation because of the lack of a need to go before a judge and because there is a give-and-take approach to resolving the substantive issues.

If you are interested in keeping a positive tone during your divorce, we can provide an overview of the process and help you with the initial steps to begin. For further information, you are invited to visit our page that discusses mediation as an alternative method for handling divorce proceedings.