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When divorce might be the best option

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2016 | Divorce

California parents who are having problems in their relationship often consider working through their differences in order to stay together and raise their kids. While having an intact family is usually a good reason for not ending a marriage, there might be problems that arise that might not make it the best idea.

Keeping the children in a safe, stable environment is always a main concern for parents. When there are threats to this, a parent might choose to seek a divorce. One way this might be threatened is if one spouse is abusive, verbally, emotionally or physically, towards the other spouse and the children. In such a case, the other spouse might seek a divorce to protect the children. Another threat to the children is when a parent is an addict. While some people might seek treatment and work through these issues, those who reject help, allowing addiction to take over their lives, might pose a threat to the emotional, physical and financial safety and stability of the family.

While there are others issues that might lead a spouse to want a divorce, including infidelity, some couples might also choose to stay together to provide a financially stable home for the children, particularly if they can work through any other underlying issues and return to a healthy marriage. Other couples might choose to continue together and work through problems if there are health issues involved.

There are times, however, where a marriage has broken down so much that it is irretrievable. In such instances, the couple’s respective family law attorneys might want to assist their clients in negotiating a comprehensive divorce settlement agreement that addresses the applicable issues.