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California parents and divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2016 | Divorce

While a marriage may end, the job of parenting is a lifelong endeavor. Therefore, it may be in a parent’s best interest to have a friendly divorce that preserves relationships with their children and each other moving forward. However, this may be difficult to see during an emotional time when a parent may be looking at financial and other issues related to the process.

Children tend to do better adjusting to the divorce and life in general when they have a safe and secure upbringing. While parents don’t need to be friends after a divorce, it is best if they can work together as partners in raising their child. Ideally, a parenting plan will include an equal split of time spent with and caring for the child. To get to this point, parents should look to the future as opposed to dwelling on the past.

Looking to the future makes it easier to focus on being a parent and forgetting the issues that led to the divorce. While it may take some work, it is possible for parents to develop rules of civility and follow them both in front of their children and when they meet without the children present.

The end of a marriage can often be an emotional time, but when young children are involved, it is important to ensure that they get through the process with a minimum of stress and disruption. When it is possible to do so, the respective family law attorneys of the spouses can often assist in negotiating a parenting plan that keeps the best interests of the children in the forefront.