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Child support and single parents in California

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2016 | Child Support

Studies have shown that children are increasingly being born into single parent homes, and other research also indicates that a lack of resources may lead to significant problems for them. About 40 percent of children around the country are born to parents who are not married. While a small number of these parents will get married or otherwise live together, the majority of those children are raised by one parent.

Many single parents struggle to provide for their children because they must run a household on just one income. They also generally have lower-paying jobs due to a relatively lower education level. Therefore, child support is crucial towards helping these parents make ends meet.

Child support is key to helping ensure the best outcomes for children. Research indicates that children who benefit from financial support from both parents are less likely to have emotional problems and have better cognitive development. Furthermore, parents who receive child support are less likely to be stressed, and this can lead to better outcomes for children of these individuals compared to the children of parents under financial stress.

Child support can be incredibly important for a custodial parent’s financial stability If the noncustodial parents aren’t meeting their obligations, the law offers a number of options for helping the recipient pursue this support. Parents who aren’t paying what they should or doing so in a timely manner may face penalties such as wage garnishments and suspended licenses. A lawyer could explain the legal options available and help determine which methods might be the most effective.