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Sherri Shepherd’s ex-husband seeks increase in child support

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2016 | Child Support

California residents who have been following Sherri Shepherd’s custody case may be interested to learn that her former husband, Lamar Sally, is fighting for more child support. The former couple has a son, now 2 years old, who was born via surrogacy after they separated.

Sally filed the documentation as he believes that she more than doubled her income after the previous child support order was issued. Sally stated that the son suffers a genetic disorder, resulting in frequent doctor visits and increased medical costs. In addition to the child support increase, he also requested that Shepherd pay $75,000 to cover his legal fees.

Shepherd’s child support case has been drawn out over several years. In early 2016, the judge denied her request to be removed from the child’s birth certificate, as the judge stated that she was still obligated by contract to finance expenses for the child. This followed the initial child custody battle where Shepherd argued that she should not be held financially responsible for the child.

When parents get a divorce, both are still responsible for financially supporting their child even if one parent does not intend to remain in the child’s life. If the custodial parent finds that the noncustodial parent is earning more than when the child support order was first finalized, a family law attorney may assist with helping the parent seek an adjustment to the child support order. If the parent has trouble collecting the child support that is owed, the attorney may work with the court to have the non-custodial parent’s wages garnished or make an arrangement to recover back child support.

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