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How the kids of divorced parents can deal with a new school year

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2018 | Divorce

At the start of every school year, California kids have to deal with a host of new challenges. Unfortunately, children of divorced parents face additional hurdles as they begin the school year. By planning ahead, however, divorced parents can help to minimize their children’s anxiety.

A major source of stress for children at the start of a new school year is homework. If there are two different sets of household rules regarding schoolwork, a child can feel overwhelmed. Good planning on the part of the divorced parents will include working together to lay out a uniform set of rules regarding homework. When this cannot happen, a divorced parent should not try to promote their parenting choices over those of their ex-spouse. Instead, they should help their kids get the most out of their education regardless of the environment.

Another challenge children face is determining which extracurricular activities to join. Divorced parents can help by first speaking with each other about what extracurricular activities they approve of. In addition, they should consider how any expenses associated with these extracurricular activities will be covered.

When disagreements arise, parents should remember that their goal is the long-term happiness of their children. This will allow them to focus on what is most important during the school year and ignore the rest.

A family law attorney can help a divorcing parent by arguing for what is in the best interests of the children. If necessary, the lawyer will represent their client in child custody hearings and help draw up visitation schedules or custody agreements.