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The importance of DNA testing in child care matters

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Child Support

California parents who are not married when a child is born may need to establish paternity. After paternity is established, a child support order will be created. DNA tests are considered to be almost 100 percent reliable, and they can be done either by taking a blood sample or swabbing for cheek cells. Lab results are double checked for accuracy before any announcement is made.

In addition to being used in child custody and support cases, they may also be used if a parent is applying for government benefits. Establishing paternity through a DNA test can make it more likely that the noncustodial parent is shouldering his or her fair share before the government steps in. These tests can usually be conducted even if an alleged parent lives in another state or in another country.

Labs may be able to coordinate across state and international borders if necessary. The results of a DNA test are usually valid even if the child is several months or years old. Famous people such as Steve Jobs and Mick Jagger were confirmed to be the fathers of their children through a DNA analysis. It is worth noting that paternity can be established voluntarily by filling out and signing an affidavit. Furthermore, a DNA test could rule out a man as a child’s father.

In a divorce, an individual may be entitled to monetary support to help raise a child. If an individual was not wedded to the child’s other parent, financial assistance may still be available. An attorney can work with a parent to establish paternity and help obtain the resources necessary to meet the child’s best interest.