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California family law protects the rights of grandparents

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2020 | Family Law

It is often hard to realize in the moment, but getting a divorce has a far-reaching effect on all involved members of a family. Grandparents, who typically develop extremely close ties with grandkids, are especially vulnerable to the loss of these loving relationships. Further, the grandchildren suffer as well when they lose contact with grandparents.

In California, family law courts recognize the lasting benefits of grandparent/grandchild relationships. As such, these courts support the rights of grandparents to continue cultivating bonds with the children of divorce. Grandparents who wish to acquire reasonable visitation rights with their grandchildren can petition the court for assistance.

Family law courts have the following duties when considering grandparents’ rights to reasonable visitation.

  • Discover if a pre-existing relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents has resulted in a strong bond. Courts must also decide if furthering that bond is good for the child.
  • Make certain that having visitation time with grandparents is in a grandchild’s best interests. At the same time, courts must balance the rights of grandparents with the parents’ right to make decisions regarding their child.

As with many family law issues, there is no one solution for grandparents and parents who wish to keep a child secure and loved. In many cases, a qualified attorney can help grandparents protect their rights while also helping families maintain the close ties that children of divorce need to continue thriving.

The goal of attorneys practicing in the family law field is the healthy preservation of the entire family unit. Often, this means guiding those in need of legal assistance toward responsible and sometimes creative solutions that benefit everyone involved with a child.