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Don’t rush your divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2020 | Divorce

Once you decide that you are going to get divorced, you may just want to get through the process as fast as possible. This is how many people feel. They want to be done. They want it to be over with.

To some degree, there’s a societal issue at play here. It’s not just your divorce that you want to do quickly. It’s everything. We have a culture that rewards speed and productivity. People want to be fast at everything that they do, from driving across the state to getting a project done at work. We feel this constant pressure to do more, and it is often rewarded. This behavior just gets stronger.

It’s not hard to apply this mindset to your divorce. If you move quickly, you get to start your single life sooner. You get to focus on yourself. You get to focus on your future. Divorce may feel uncomfortable, and you want to put it behind you.

As natural as this may feel in America, there’s a real risk here. Rushing through things often leads to mistakes. If you don’t slow down, you could make some errors in your divorce that are hard to correct. Examples include things like forgetting about valuable assets (like your ex’s pension plan), agreeing to something that is not in your favor just to get it over with or not really considering what each decision will mean for your future.

So, don’t rush it. Slow down. Take your time. Talk to your legal team. Learn as much as you can about your options and how they will help you find the best possible results.