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Addressing a variety of child support legal issues

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Child Support

Any of our readers in California who have been involved in child support legal issues before know that such situations can get emotional and complex in a hurry. Not only do these issues involve your children, they also involve money. That means, for most people, two of the most important factors in your life are up for argument. Addressing the wide variety of child support legal issues that can arise in California family law courts takes patience and determination.

Child support issues

In many cases, the primary child support issue is whether or not child support is going to be ordered at all. In such situations, one parent is seeking to get an order from the court, while the other parent may be consumed with attempting to explain why such an order should not be enacted. These fights can be bitter, oftentimes with valid points being made on both sides. Family law judges are put in a difficult position in these types of disputes, but ultimately a ruling one way or the other must be made.

If a child support order is in place, another common issue is when one of the parents asks the court to modify that order – to increase or decrease the amount, or to stop the order altogether. Obviously, this type of issue can be contentious as well, and there must be some very good reasons for a family law court to modify a child support order that is already in place.

Another issue that is quite common is attempting to get a child support order enforced because the parent who is ordered to pay is, quite simply, not paying. Courts have quite a few options to pursue payment from parents who are unable to pay, or who are dodging their responsibility to pay child support. Getting the right information about the options in your particular case is crucial.