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What should you think about before pursuing a divorce?

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2020 | Divorce

Taking the step toward a divorce can be a life-changing moment. For most people who decide to pursue this option, there is no turning back. Every marriage is unique, but, for the most part, your post-divorce life will be completely different. So, what should California residents think about before they pursue a divorce?

Well, a recent news article mentioned a few topics that should probably be in the forefront of a person’s mind when contemplating divorce. One important topic is specific to those who have minor children – how will the lives of those children change if you get a divorce? Child custody and child support are two important issues that must be addressed in a divorce case in which the couple has minor children together. And, your children’s lives will probably change significantly, just from scheduling and visitation impact.

Another important topic mentioned in the recent news article was property division in a divorce, particularly addressing one asset that is oftentimes the most significant of all – the family home. How will the property division process play out in your divorce case? How will that impact your long-term financial status? Property division should be of primary concern for most people who are thinking about a divorce.

Significant issues to address in divorce

The recent news article pointed out some of the significant issues that usually must be addressed in divorce cases in California: child custody; child support; and property division. Alimony must also be thrown into the mix of issues to consider. Pursuing divorce is a significant step. Our readers should make sure that they are considering the factors that are unique to their own specific situation.