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Millennials embrace the prenup

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Family Law

For decades, the prenuptial agreement was only used by the rich and famous. The rest of society, for the most part, considered it taboo.

However, this perception has begun to change. The agreement has caught on among younger couples, especially those in the millennial generation.

Here are a few reasons millennials have embraced the prenup:

They have more assets to protect

Millennials, compared to their predecessors, are getting married at a much older age. They’re delaying marriage in order to finish school (more of them are attending graduate school) and start careers.

Obviously, getting married at an older age means entering married life with assets. Many millennials are attracted to the prenup as a way to protect the wealth they accumulated pre-marriage.

They perceive marriage differently

In the past, marriage was perceived as a sacred act that joined the wedded couple in an inviolable union. Millennials see marriage differently.

Instead of a deeply rooted cultural obligation, they see it as a practical engagement between consenting adults. Like all other relationships in life, marriages might not work as expected, so why not prepare for all eventualities?

They’ve experienced divorce already

Most millennials were raised by members of the baby boomer generation, a generation with one of the highest rates of divorce. It makes sense that millennials, having seen the parents suffer through divorces, would want to take steps to make separating as painless as possible.

Although prenups may seem simple on their face, they’re complex legal documents that should only be drafted with professional assistance.

An experienced divorce lawyer understands the nuances of the law and craft the agreement around your unique objectives.

Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation, allowing the client to have their case evaluated at no out of pocket cost.