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How to effectively co-parent

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2022 | Family Law

After California parents have split up, they will want to co-parent their kids to the best of their ability. There are certain indications that can show that your co-parenting is effective.

You work together civilly

Co-parenting together civilly is a huge sign that you and your ex are doing things right by your children. It shows the kids that you can still work together as a team even if you’re no longer together. Collaborating with one another strengthens your bond as parents and helps your kids in the long term.

You agree on most things

No one is going to agree on everything, but when you agree most of the time, your co-parenting arrangement is working. As long as you agree on the most important things and have an open line of communication, your co-parenting plan is healthy for your children.

You avoided a lengthy court battle

A lengthy court battle can hurt your children emotionally and mentally. When you and your ex work together on child custody and co-parenting through alternative means like mediation, it’s much better. Your children benefit from an amicable resolution. You and your ex benefit by working together for the sake of your children.

You don’t manipulate

When former spouses have a healthy co-parenting relationship, they don’t pull tactics like manipulation. If you both understand the importance of your children continuing to have strong relationships with both of you, it shows that your arrangement is successful.

Don’t expect all rules to be followed

Each parent might have specific rules during their custody time with the kids. However, you shouldn’t expect your ex to follow your rules as they probably have their own. Maybe their bedtime for your children is later than yours or they let the kids have more sweet treats instead of something healthy. When you anticipate the rules will be different, it’s a sign that your co-parenting is healthy.

Your children will be better off seeing you and your ex getting along. It shows you both put them first.