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What effects can divorce have on children?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence for many California couples. However, if you have children, the end of your marriage can significantly affect them in a variety of ways.

Their performance in school may suffer

Children might show poor school performance while their parents get divorced. They can become more easily distracted due to stress from what’s going on at home. They might have trouble focusing on their school work, skip homework and fail tests.

They might exhibit anger

A child dealing with their parents’ divorce commonly exhibits anger and aggression. They have no control over the family situation, which can lead them to let out these negative emotions to those close to them. They might lash out at their parents, other family members and friends.

Feelings of guilt

Children often don’t understand why divorce is taking place. They might even believe they’re responsible for it. As a result, feelings of guilt are common. This is a common effect on kids that can lead to bigger issues as they get older.

Destructive behavior

One of the worst effects of divorce on children is that it can lead to destructive behavior. It’s common for a child to act out when they see their parents divorce. Sadly, it can exacerbate as they get older in the form of criminal activity. They might even turn to drugs or alcohol.

Loss of interest in activities

Many kids can suddenly lose interest in social activities and hobbies they normally enjoy when divorce occurs. They might withdraw from their friends as well while trying to deal with the changing situation.

Separation anxiety

Children of divorce often experience separation anxiety. This usually happens to younger children when one parent is suddenly no longer consistently present in the home.

Divorce is hard on children. Reassuring them and getting them counseling can help them better cope with the change in the family dynamic.