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Child support and care costs

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Child Support

Negotiations over child support could become a contentious matter during divorce proceedings. Both spouses might wish to take care of their children as best as possible, but the parents may suffer from financial limitations based on earnings and net worth. Child care is costly in California and other states, and the costs may even catch the noncustodial parent by surprise.

Expenses related to childcare

Food, education, clothing, and other expenses add up. The costs might increase for several factors, including troubles with the economy. One income may not be enough to cover all the child’s expenses, especially when a parent has other household bills to pay. The parent may work two jobs, driving a need for daycare. So, the parent might ask for a substantial amount of child support.

And there are other issues. A child could suffer from a medical condition that requires health care and other costs not covered by insurance. The custodial parent might rely on child support payments to address the various expenses.

Special considerations might also drive up the costs of child care. The young one could possess a special talent or gift, such as the ability to play a musical instrument. Lessons-related costs may be necessary to help the children cultivate their talents.

Addressing child support costs during a divorce

Discussions about child support might require that you present your financial records. One spouse could provide all the critical expenses necessary for proper care, and they may want proof that their funds are being used correctly. Receipts related to tutoring and babysitting might be two examples.

Noncustodial parents might offer records that reflect their financial situation. The court may not impose burdensome amounts when the parent’s earnings are down or if the parent is unable to earn more. Various other factors contribute to decisions about child support payments.