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Helping your children cope with divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Family Law

Divorce is hard on kids. However, there are a few ways parents in California can help make the change easier on their children.

Explain the details

In the past, it was common for parents to try to hide details from their kids to protect them. Since kids often understand more than people think, this is not an ideal strategy. Parenting counselors recommend that adults tell their children the details of custody arrangements and ask for their feedback. This can also help parents understand how arrangements may affect their kids’ routines.

Strengthen communication

Parents should ask kids how they feel about the divorce. They should also communicate to their children that they are there for them. Sometimes, kids may feel like they cannot talk to one parent about the other. Parents must also set aside their differences and communicate with one another when an issue affects their children. Although the family may not live under the same roof, parents can maintain a sense of unity when they communicate with each other and establish an open line of communication with kids.

Nurture relationships

After a divorce, it is important for parents to build positive relationships with their kids. It is common for kids to feel a sense of loss, and having a strong support system from one or both parents can help. Parents should work with counselors who help divorced adults and their children if necessary. Counselors can create customized strategies for strengthening bonds and nurturing relationships.

When parents are conscientious about their kids’ needs and prioritize them, the impact of divorce may not be as difficult. Although taking these steps requires a daily effort, it is worth the work when parents see their children happier.